Saturday, January 3, 2015

DEFINITELY been a while!

Since I originally started this blog, I started two others.  One is a much more vague "I want to change and this is my journal about it"  and the latest is my journey with WLS.

Since this is my personal writing blog, I am happy to report that since my last post I retook Dr. Roper's creative short fiction class, wrote several short stories, came up with a couple of actual novel ideas, and most importantly, I submitted a story for competition.  I find that a little ironic since I have yet to submit a story for publication, let alone a competition!  I know that there will be thousands of submissions.  There are varying levels of rewards for the top 35 applicants.  I know that my chance of placing is so very small, but I truly loved my story.  There is a teeny tiny part of me that hopes that it places.  It would be so fantastic and I know that I would be elated beyond measure.

But even if it doesn't, I am so stinking proud of myself for submitting anything at all.  It was very exciting.  I learn next month what the results are.  Here's to crossed fingers and hoping, and to not having despair even if I don't place.  But I *did* it.  That is the best part of all.

It is a new year and there are many changes on the horizon for my family.  I am hoping that with all of these changes I wil continue to write and explore this inner self.  I am going to make a goal of submitting three short stories this year.  I think that three is an easy and manageable number, but enough so that I am encouraged to keep writing.  Also, I figure that I need to submit 2-3 stories per submission to increase chances of publication.

So there.  2015 goals, here I come!