Thursday, March 15, 2012

A poem about me...

I have always been
one of the Unfortunate
One who understands
I was part owner and part slave
to the plantation of dreams in my heart
my dissatisfaction was a balm for my wounds
to teach me a lesson
I recognize disturbing behavior but
I belong to the reorganization crew
I like to stand alone, against Time--
Against the only Force strong enough
to knock me down--The Wind
That same wind which would carry
a strand of my hair
to offer a blessing to
the little rat's nest
Likewise, such is that of me
Should a single tear fall
thousands would find shelter in it
An Unfortunate
Grateful despite myself
But I cannot speak to the Raised Voice
the way It speaks to me
I cannot move mountains
nor my own faith
Yet I embrace these concepts--
these acknowledgments--
into my being
for they are me as well
I teach them and they respond well
I learn that I grow
I am passionate
my touch forbidden
due to self restrain and a love
for self justification
I cannot comprehend all that is in me
Cannot express all that I am
I can only be beautiful
and Unfortunate
Tempered by Truth
I sing a language few dream of
I am my own sun
and my own moon
But I would be arrogant
to include the Universe
Still, I am quiet
A foreshadow of the ripples in the pond
I am shadow, a glance, a peace so tranquil
It is lonely
I am a memory
A joy so desperate
Only a wall without a door
can stop me
Most of all
I am a succession of queens
bold and conquering
while martyrs and laughter live in my heart
I am a perception
a reflection
a fear
I am tomorrow
and while I never was Today
I am the connection
a thin line
to a meaningful
"some things but not everythings:
and I am an Unfortunate
Such knowledge is truly
No power at all...

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