Thursday, May 17, 2012

Borrowed Art

His borrowed art makes me want to weep.  The words, the sound, amazing in their own right, and yes, he only borrows it, but it still makes my heart swell…  When will I learn to stop being jealous?  How do I change these pangs of pain in my heart to pangs of pain in action?  Here is a quote that I need to take a lesson from: Create ambition.  Ambition creates motivation.  Motivation creates a motion.  I would probably replace Ambition with Desire, but it admittedly doesn’t flow as well.

I want my soul to continue to ache at beauty.  I think I will always be this way.  I think I was made this way. 

Anyway, this is the same old song and dance for me.  I long, I love, I appreciate.  Then I want my own.  I can say this a thousand different ways but it all comes down to that.  And I can say it to myself as long as I want to and nothing will ever change without the movement on my part.  Here’s to hoping that saying out loud over and over again constitutes as some form of movement…

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